Viewer is a device that give to our clients the great opportunity to be aware of important details that occur in their companies or home, and the possibility to be more calm and safer when they are away. “Viewer” notify you, send pictures and call to your mobile if a atypical events occur making use of detectors and Video surveillance.

What is Viewer?

Viewer is an innovative assistance system that integrates sensors and video cameras to keep you informed of events and situations in your business by means of notifications, alerts and pictures that are send to your Telegram CHAT.

How it works?
  • The Hub device build a net with different kind of detectors like opening, motion, smoke and photoelectric sensors, in order to notify any unusual activation.
  • Viewer synchronizes the events in your Business with the video surveillance system or IP video to notify you if something atypical happens in your absence.
  • It notifies you if the place has lose electric energy or its Internet.
  • It calls you if an unwanted activation occurs.
  • Your Company is in your hand and could enjoy of more available time to other issues.
  • More relief and control.
  • You can track different aspects of your employees and the people who visit you business, in order to improve your resources and increase your incomes.
  • Enjoy of a Monitoring and Smart System which helps you to know things that occur in your abscence and take care of your company
Technical Specifications
  • 1.2 Gb Ram processor.
  • Operating System: GNU / Linux.
  • Ethernet and Wireless Network IEEE 802.11 and RF 433 Mhz.
  • Operating temperature: -10° to 80°.
  • Additional configuration with DVR, NVR or IP cameras.
  • Communication with the client with TELEGRAM

Fiber optic sensor cable for intrusion detection

Advance Laser System to perimetral protection. It is design to install over fence, walls, tights, even underground. Fiberline is able to detect cutting actions, climbing, and lifting above the fences, and it has an accurate algorithm to detect and auto adjust the system that helps it to reduce false alarms.


Innovative Vibration Sensor that works through a Fiber optic and laser light which detects the presence of an intruder attempting to breach a perimeter where the fiber is installed. It is design for several applications of security in external environment. Furthermore, it can be installed by mounting over the fences or tights, walls and son on, in order to detect and analyze the different optical signals that the vibrations produce on the cable.


  • High performance and reability.
  • Easy to install and quick to configure.
  • Smart Software that reduces false alarms cause by the envionment and small animals.
  • Sophisticated Software that allows to adjust and auto calibrate.
  • Non Invasive Sensor.
  • Suitable Relay Output.

  • Industrial and commercial facilities
  • Residential complexes or Housing development
  • Private Lands
  • Educational institutions
  • Parking slots
  • Energy and gas Infrastructures
  • Interface of communication: USB to PC
  • Power Supply: 9-12 DCV @ 1A
  • Temperature of operation: -10°C @ 60°C
  • Operational Humidity, Transportation and WareHouse : 5% @95%
  • Maximum monitoring range: 30 m to 100 m
  • Relay Output Alarm: -125 ACV, 60 DCV
  • Dimensions: 105x123x29mm
  • Optional features:
    • Wireless Module to notify alarms
    • Wireless communication module (range: 1 km to 5 km) to send alarms
    • Intuitive and user-friendly configuration software

Intelligent Network to Citizen Cooperation and Coexistence - RICC

We Have developed a Virtual and Physical Network useful in village, towns and cities where citizens ask for help and emergencies to the authorities through their personal CHAT in a faster way. The network seeks to involve the community to help their peers and neighbors which are notified in their CHATS using geopositional features. RICC is a channel of help that tracks and interviews the person in order to yield a better service.

Furthermore, RICC has a web Platform which it can be accessible by public servants of the local governments to know the criminal activity, places with the most common emergencies and citizen perceptions, in order to pay attention and planning security deployment.

Alerts and Chat Notifications

Use the Intelligent immediately Help system from your CHAT in Telegram App to get quick assistant if there is a robbery, fights, accidents, and other issues.

Citizen Cooperation

RICC is a excellent tool for the society to encourage them to be more supportive and cooperate with their peers and with local authorities.

Help network

Our Network allows to the people, no matter who, requests for help, and to be geo localize in order to send the right authorities to the place and notify the people which are closest that can help as well.


HUTEK - Humanity, Technology & Knowledge is an enthusiastic and innovative Company that has joined the talents of engineers in Physics, Electronics and Industrial Automation, with experience in several branches of engineering and business sectors in order to create and develop products which has high innovative potential and technologies that provide a benefit to the society.

The technologies that we are developed and we get into it day by day are related with Internet of Things (IoT), GSM / Xbee / Bluetooh / Wifi / Zwave communications, integrations of Wired and Wireless sensors; as well as technological trends known as ChatBots (automatic assistants for companies) through Facebook Messenger, Telegram. In addition, we get involved with software and integrations with external services or APIs.

cellphone device

Our commitment is to create Disruptive Technologies to improve the security in our society, where we can contribute and join efforts to achieve the technological development of our country.

  • Serenity
  • Control
  • Reliability
  • Quality

In 2020, HUTEK INC will be a company that develops technology-based products, with two commercial products positioned in the market and focused on the security sector. Hutek Inc wants to position itself in digital platforms handling for monitoring and managing high-value information for its clients.

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We have achieved a great satisfactory perception about our products and technologies, because they are of great help to our customers, providing confidence and serenity.